2 Feb

What is email automation?

First of all, you need to understand what email automation is, unlike newsletters that are sent to your precious customer in one go, automated email campaign is composed once and then assigned to or sent to your customer or site visitor at a decided time for example, when you make an account with Gmail you get an email from Gmail markautowelcoming you and often telling you what to do next. Similarly, those pre-designed and designated messages are sent to your customers only when they take particular actions.

Email automation fosters online marketing of your brand, increases brand awareness hence, your sales. You can read an in-depth reviews of email automation here ( www.authorityautomation.com/convertkit-vs-ontraport/. )

Almost like the door to a door service, except that in this case an email is sent your way either inviting you to try something new or giving you instructions. Many popular brands today use email automation to maintain their long list of consumers.

Southern Companies Implementing Email Automation

  1. Chick-Fil-A

Yes, the ones who introduced the “spicy chicken sandwich”. What? Did you not get an email? That’s weird because this amazing food outlet emailed everyone out there calling them to munch on that mouth-watering spicy chicken sandwich. Now, in case you were not lucky enough it’s your right to know, what they did was invite people and they held an event, inviting the chosen ones to taste the sandwich for FREE.¬†Sandwich with chicken burger, tomatoes, cheese and lettuce

The first email sent to people was about the sandwich, glorifying it and inviting at the same time. The second email was a friendly reminder of the event itself. Do you think they composed every email again and again? Nope, they were composed once and then sent as designated. You see that’s what email automation is about.

  1. Whataburger

This splendid and worth drooling over food outlet lets you sign up or register so it can share its wonderful offers with you or any invitations regarding anything new worth biting. Who knows it might get you free food someday, a blessing for empty tummies.

Whataburger has happened to email 12 coupons of free food at Whataburger outlet for 12 days of Christmas back in 2007. Yes, this happened for real. Email automation or online marketing has made it possible for you to receive these wonderful offers and invites via emails also, making them famous as free food makes anyone famous even the random guy who wears glasses.

  1. Burger King

In Burger King we trust for this food outlet too has extraordinary deals and promotions to offer. If you are a die-hard Burger King fan you would have already registered to their email and enjoyed countless discounts and offers. This popular brand is also known to send printable food coupons to its customers via emails. Burger King when speaking of email automation has been using RSA for email campaigning and they are glorious.

  1. Wingstop

Once an iota, now the rapidly expanding food outlet definitely couldn’t have done without email automation. In this highly advanced world where our life stories, from work to entertainment, are all about internet¬† Wingstop and other food outlets definitely, make our lives easier by sending us coupons and discounts via emails. It has became the powerful marketing tool for this kind of business. Most of us work and open us our emails daily and that’s the trick, because that’s how we fall for the delightful bribes and who wouldn’t? There’s no righteous and virtuous when it comes to chicken wings, the man, after all, is an ever-hungry beast.