10 Jun

il_570xN.657333427_9vpxSeventy percent of the kitchen tools used by a chef are made from wood. Sawstop models are just an example. The fact that wood is a poor insulator of heat makes the operations of a chef faster and easier. Some of the utensils using wood include kitchen knife, wooden cooking stick, chopping board, rolling pins, table tops among others

Six main reasons why a chef like wooden tools

Temperature and heat regulation

Cooking is heat and heat are cooking because of the idea of increased temperature. As you stir your meal, wood is a poor regulator of heat making a chef to use it without feeling the heat in the body. In addition, it is not easy to break the wood molecules just through its exposure to temperature; instead, it absorbs the heat making a chef comfortable when using it when cooking. However, excess exposure to heat direct heat will burn the wood- wood fuel.

No reaction to metals

As you stir your ingredients to make a recipe, unlike metal wood is smooth and does not scratch the cooking pans which might make you cook with metallic particles in your meal very detrimental when consumed in food due to the chemical reactions.

They can also withstand the frequent friction with cooking pans making it the best tool for a chef.

Defines class and elegance

Wood is an ancient material which when used in the modern kitchen it brings creativity and innovation to a modern kitchen. Although they do not use the old versions, the use of various wooden equipment brought about during the industrial era allows one to make different shapes of kitchen wooden tools to bring out the elegance for a chef. The works of a chef require a touch of style and modernity through the use of old materials.

Sculptured to difference sizes and shapes

You can get different shapes and sizes to suit cooking of diverse quantities.s That is the power of wood. Using lathe machine, grooving machine and planning machine you can always instruct a woodworker to make kitchen tools of different shapes and sizes to suit the kitchen work of a chef.

Can withstand pressure

You have to mix a cake for a function, you need to mix different ingredients to make a smooth dough; unlike wood Plastic and metal and prone to bend and breakage. Although wood also breaks but if the thickness is of the desired width, it will serve a chef for a longer time.

A woodworker and a chef conform to the Dame norm in using tools at their disposal to produce unique designs acceptable in the society. You have a wooden knife, a chef will use different skills to come up with amazing food cuttings presentable in a hygienic and uniform manner.

A chef will use the wooden table that you feel is old fashioned but use his food presentation skills to prepare the table and add some interior decor ideas using the most common kitchen and home tools to display the high level of creativity in his work.original_olive-wood-kitchen-utensil-set