18 Jul

If you are serious about playing pool, you may have come to the understanding that playing pool is more than just hitting a ball with the pointed end of a stick. It needs skill, finesse, practice. Unfortunately, one factor that has always to is that of nutrition after many think time spent on nutrition choices can be used more on practicing. Check out propooltable site, and you will see that those ranked on top, seasoned professional players do not rubbish what they feed their bodies. Below is a list of power food for billiard players that you should include if you were serious about increasing your performance.


Whole grains

Cognitive skills, imagination, visualization and overall, problem-solving skills are needed in playing pool. From employing geometrical solutions to a shot to analyzing an opponent’s shot you need to have the strong brain power. To do this and avoid mental drain, carbohydrates are something you should include in your diet. Take a liking to whole grains as a power food for billiard players to push through even the most tiresome games as it provides fast energy when needed. With whole grains, you also have an added advantage of releasing serotonin a calming hormone that works wonders in keeping you in control throughout a game.


To up to your pool game, it’s imperative to have clear-cut eye-hand coordination. To do this, however, you need to take in vitamins in recommended amounts to keep your nerves and overall body in peak performance. As much as you can’t go on eating carrots throughout, you need to make it a point to add it in your diet. Ensure that you also add foods high in magnesium for better sleep as sleep deprivation also affects sleep performance. In all include lots of kale, spinach, and fruits for steady and perfect aim


mixedveggiesThese are the choices of billiard table in leagues, and you will realize that power food for billiard players is not just a myth. This check of reviews is excellent when it comes to proteins as it goes without saying to say you need to have a few muscles as its necessary in providing back support that allows you to stay bend and in uncomfortable angles when aiming a shot. Stay away from red meats if you can and add lots of chicken and fish in your diet for a healthy dose of protein.


Ideally, though water is not a food, it’s important to list it in power foods for billiard players as it plays a significant role in a player’s performance. Being dehydrated during a game has proven detrimental to many players as it adversely affects concentration and aims. As you will also sweat a lot, it’s essential to replenish the electrolytes lost during a game to ensure that you are physically up to it to play.

Foods to avoid

There are certain foods to avoid before a game. As much as you like fries, burgers and the likes, try as much as possible to prevent this. They not only take long periods to digest but they slow you down a great deal. If you starting on playing pool make sure you look at fun games at home section for a list of different plays you can employ for maximum fun and learning.