7 Jun

showering Many of the readers reading this may have grown up hearing about the old wives’ tale that you should not bathe or take a shower right a meal, rather you should wait at least thirty minutes. Many do actually wait at least thirty minutes before they take a bath or shower after a meal, but there are also those who think this is nothing more than a myth or superstition. However, there is actually science behind this old wives’ tale, which explains why it is unhealthy to bathe or shower immediately after eating.

If you take a bath or shower after eating, vasodilatation will occur, i.e. your blood vessels become dilated, decreasing blood pressure. At the same time, a far greater amount blood flows to your skin. When you take a bath, especially if the water is cool, it causes your body to release a chemical substance of sorts. This chemical substance causes the contracted or dilated blood vessels to expand so that more blood can be transported to the nerves and micro nerves.

bath-shower-opt-copyTaking a bath or shower, especially with cold water, causes excess blood to flow to the skin in order to keep in for as long as the cold water comes in contact with it. The stomach also needs a high percentage of blood in order to digest food. However, bathing or showering after eating causes the blood from the stomach to also be transported to the skin and stays there to maintain the temperature of the skin. This actually delays digestion and food is not adequately digested. Even if you bathe or shower with warm water, your blood vessels will still get dilated so that heat can be released from your blood to your skin so that your body may cool down.

Under normal circumstances, you end up suffering indigestion if you bathe or shower after a meal, but you have blood circulation problems or other health concerns, it may be worse. With most of the blood in your body flowing towards your skin, you may even end up fainting since your brain may end up lacking blood. Of course, not everyone may experience this, but it is better to be safe. It is for a similar reason that heavy exercise or workouts are also not advised after eating. If you really feel like you need to bathe or shower after a meal, you may alternatively just use a handheld shower to wash your hair and wait for at least thirty minutes to take a full-body shower.

Modern handheld showers with a non-standard rain shower head have a lot of benefits to offer. Handheld showers are versatile enough that you can use them both as they are meant to be used and just like a traditional mounted shower since they can also be mounted onto a wall. Using a handheld shower also makes bathing or showering less strenuous because you do not have to maneuver around as much in order to rinse off the soap. Using a handheld shower, you can also easily rinse off shampoo and soap from hard to reach places.

In conclusion, avoid taking a bath or shower immediately after you have had something to eat, especially it is an entire meal because you could end up suffering from indigestion or worse. While you wait for thirty minutes to pass, you may just wash your hair using a handheld shower for convenience, and once thirty minutes have fast, feel free to bathe or shower for as long as you would like. If you are now considering getting a handheld shower installed in all the bathrooms in your house, you should check out these handheld shower reviews by this site.