7 Jan


The southern cuisine is influenced by Scottish, English, African, French and American Cuisines. This is why mostly, southern foods consist of corn, tomatoes, squash, barbecues and other borrowings from Seminole, Choctaw, Caddo (southeast American Indians).  The foods that are served as breakfast are always heavy. Here is a list of the most common southern foods:

Traditional Southern Meal

Foods such as pan-fried chicken, greens, field peas, mashed potatoes, sweet tea, corn pone, mashed potatoes, pie made from chess, sweet potato, pecan, peach are commonly served in the south. Alternatively, you will be served with a cobbler (Appalachia, blackberry, peach and apple)

Also, foods such as grits, beignets, country ham, succotash, buttermilk biscuits, chicken fried steak may also be served alongside jelly, butter, fruit, honey, sorghum molasses or gravy are also served. Other foods include boiled or baked sweet, fried catfish, fried green tomatoes, butter beans, black-eyed peas, okra (sautéed, stewed, steamed pickled or fried.

Fried chicken feature prominently on the southern foods and may be served alongside pasta. Green beans flavored with salt pork or stewed with pork and served with biscuits and vinegar could be eaten as breakfast.

Vegetable with a little meat, beans and greens are a traditional meal among the poor in the south.

Rice is eaten in South Carolina and it could be mixed with black-eyed peas that are salt pork flavored. You will also be served with sea foods. In Oklahoma, you will eat bean based dishes including cornbread, while in Mississippi your will be served with farm raised catfish.  In Texas, you will get barbecues and chili as well as a variety of Mexican food.

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