7 Jan

According to New Yorkers, Burger King is the best and if you had the Burger King’s cheeseburger in front of you, you would not only be conforming to its high-tastiness but also drool over it. Not only amidst the expensiveness it is cheap but it is as tasty as it is cheap. Man and Burger King has always been the best love story. But what makes it special?

And why are the Southerners going gaga over it?

Here is why!

Promotions and discounts

In the world of fast-food, the magical words “Discount” and “Promotion” are enough to drive the foodies all over the world insane. Discount takes the madness to the next level. That’s just how powerful discounts are. It makes the wheels in your head turn the other way. If discounts are powerful beings one can only imagine how powerful Burger King discounts must be. In many countries such as Pakistan, it is giving 40% discount.

01348-02_baconking_homepagebanner_desktop%5b6%5dRemember the Whopper deal? Or the e-coupons? Well, Burger King has also happened to launch a “5 for $4 deal”. Yes, a 5 for $4 deal that you wouldn’t hesitate selling your soul for because amidst this food apocalypse a bacon cheeseburger, four chicken nugget pieces, French fries, a chocolate cookie and a drink is the best you could feed those food zombies.

Fewer items, Simple Menus-Epic Deals

Albeit, the Burger King doesn’t always come with a lot of new deals like McDonald’s. Burger King goes with fewer yet mouth watering foods you don’t regret emptying your pockets on, in their menus. Simplified menus mean faster service, the more items you put on the list the harder it gets to make a choice. This also simplifies kitchen work. Also, why not make better quality food than increasing the quantity or variety? Surely, everyone loves variety but who needs the variety which doesn’t make your mouth water? Or variety not worth spending your money on?

McDonald’s is always coming up wonderful new items to try but remember McDonald’s, Big Mac? Was it big? Yes perhaps for an ant. Now, recall Burger King’s Whopper. Whopper is something you call big and yet how humble of Burger King because they didn’t call whopper “The Big Whopper”.

Healthy & Economicalfast-food-1

Everyone knows of how Wendy’s, McDonald’s and Burger King are forever rivals hence, the price wars and epic discounts. A benefit for the customers, these fast-food price wars make these brands economical and affordable.

Burger King has further lowered their prices in case you haven’t heard it yet it’s 5 for 4. Yes, 5 for 4 leaving far behind McDonald’s and Wendy’s. Anyhow, regardless of who is involved in these price wars the customers win either way with a very economical and tasty Burger King Burger down their tummies.

Also, Burger King has the healthiest cheeseburger that makes you want to nibble on to your fingers. Not only are they juicy ladies and gentlemen but they have less fat than both Wendy’s and McDonald’s. Fast Food Prices Compared here

Chicken Fries, More Veggies, Smoky Meat

Yes, you read it right chicken fries. Their chicken always tasted better and now, so do those chicken fries. They literally take you to a 5-minute heaven and there are glory and bliss in it. Also, you must have noticed or better yet tasted fewer veggies in McDonald’s Burgers but we all know how real burgers have tomato and lettuce slices too. Not only does it have lettuce and tomatoes and Onion rings but it also has the best meat and chicken that has a smoky tinge to it.