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What is email automation?

First of all, you need to understand what email automation is, unlike newsletters that are sent to your precious customer in one go, automated email campaign is composed once and then assigned to or sent to your customer or site visitor at a decided time for example, when you make an account with Gmail you get an email from Gmail markautowelcoming you and often telling you what to do next. Similarly, those pre-designed and designated messages are sent to your customers only when they take particular actions.

Email automation fosters online marketing of your brand, increases brand awareness hence, your sales. You can read an in-depth reviews of email automation here ( www.authorityautomation.com/convertkit-vs-ontraport/. )

Almost like the door to a door service, except that in this case an email is sent your way either inviting you to try something new or giving you instructions. Many popular brands today use email automation to maintain their long list of consumers.

Southern Companies Implementing Email Automation

  1. Chick-Fil-A

Yes, the ones who introduced the “spicy chicken sandwich”. What? Did you not get an email? That’s weird because this amazing food outlet emailed everyone out there calling them to munch on that mouth-watering spicy chicken sandwich. Now, in case you were not lucky enough it’s your right to know, what they did was invite people and they held an event, inviting the chosen ones to taste the sandwich for FREE. Sandwich with chicken burger, tomatoes, cheese and lettuce

The first email sent to people was about the sandwich, glorifying it and inviting at the same time. The second email was a friendly reminder of the event itself. Do you think they composed every email again and again? Nope, they were composed once and then sent as designated. You see that’s what email automation is about.

  1. Whataburger

This splendid and worth drooling over food outlet lets you sign up or register so it can share its wonderful offers with you or any invitations regarding anything new worth biting. Who knows it might get you free food someday, a blessing for empty tummies.

Whataburger has happened to email 12 coupons of free food at Whataburger outlet for 12 days of Christmas back in 2007. Yes, this happened for real. Email automation or online marketing has made it possible for you to receive these wonderful offers and invites via emails also, making them famous as free food makes anyone famous even the random guy who wears glasses.

  1. Burger King

In Burger King we trust for this food outlet too has extraordinary deals and promotions to offer. If you are a die-hard Burger King fan you would have already registered to their email and enjoyed countless discounts and offers. This popular brand is also known to send printable food coupons to its customers via emails. Burger King when speaking of email automation has been using RSA for email campaigning and they are glorious.

  1. Wingstop

Once an iota, now the rapidly expanding food outlet definitely couldn’t have done without email automation. In this highly advanced world where our life stories, from work to entertainment, are all about internet  Wingstop and other food outlets definitely, make our lives easier by sending us coupons and discounts via emails. It has became the powerful marketing tool for this kind of business. Most of us work and open us our emails daily and that’s the trick, because that’s how we fall for the delightful bribes and who wouldn’t? There’s no righteous and virtuous when it comes to chicken wings, the man, after all, is an ever-hungry beast.

21 Jan

When you hear someone say “Southern Food” you get the idea of something sticky and greasy, oil dipping as you take a bite of a chicken fried steak and that is the misconception of the year. Because not all southern food outlets out there supply greasy and sticky food, actually only a handful of them do and a handful of them do not really define the other 90%. And regardless of how northern or western you are, you can’t deny it makes your mouth water as you read this. A lot of people would tell you to avoid southern food if you happen to be an athlete but we all have our cravings, unavoidable cravings.power-athlete-meal-planning-food-prep-1024x540

You don’t even have to worry about gaining weight as there definitely are some healthier ways of giving in to your southern cravings. So here’s to those cravings. No-Mayo Coleslaw This veggie dish which is more of a salad is 100% healthy because vegetables come without harm.

You have to try this slaw and athletes need not worry as it is mayo-less. All you need is some distilled vinegar, kosher salt, black pepper, grind sugar and green cabbage, chopped or shredded, you have it your way. And trust me, this is actually very healthy and good for one’s thighs. Juicy Faux Fried Chicken Simply the words will make your taste-buds go berserk for who wouldn’t wish to have their tongues wrapped around those juicy chicken pieces.

This one’s a classic. You are probably worried about obtaining fat along with its divine taste. Worry not because this one comes without fat because this juicy faux fried chicken isn’t exactly fried but one could never tell if it is or if it is not. Chicken and Waffles with Greens Crispy chicken and ravishing waffles, the best combination ever. Two of your most favorite served together and served healthily. Not only is it beautiful to look at but divine at the taste. Sugar-Free Whole Wheat Apple Cake As the name suggests, it is the epitome of healthy desserts. As an pingpong athlete, it is a perfect choice to fulfill your southern sweet-cravings. Besides, we all grew up hearing “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away.” Selecting Food is like selecting the leading choice for a table tennis racket and ping pong robot: http://www.pingpongperfect.com/best-table-tennis-robot/.

All the more reasons to try this amazing cake and as for wheat, it comes with 0 cholesterol and very little fat, hence, a healthy southern dessert!  Skinny Mini Banana Pudding Everybody loves pudding. And this one here is made up of fresh bananas. Being an athlete you obviously avoid many of your favorite foods but no longer, you can actually enjoy them without deprivation.

The recipe includes fresh bananas, almonds and coconut sweetened palm sugar. So, whether you’re an athlete who plays ping pong, with southern cravings or a normal human being who doesn’t, you have got to try this.

7 Jan

According to New Yorkers, Burger King is the best and if you had the Burger King’s cheeseburger in front of you, you would not only be conforming to its high-tastiness but also drool over it. Not only amidst the expensiveness it is cheap but it is as tasty as it is cheap. Man and Burger King has always been the best love story. But what makes it special?

And why are the Southerners going gaga over it?

Here is why!

Promotions and discounts

In the world of fast-food, the magical words “Discount” and “Promotion” are enough to drive the foodies all over the world insane. Discount takes the madness to the next level. That’s just how powerful discounts are. It makes the wheels in your head turn the other way. If discounts are powerful beings one can only imagine how powerful Burger King discounts must be. In many countries such as Pakistan, it is giving 40% discount.

01348-02_baconking_homepagebanner_desktop%5b6%5dRemember the Whopper deal? Or the e-coupons? Well, Burger King has also happened to launch a “5 for $4 deal”. Yes, a 5 for $4 deal that you wouldn’t hesitate selling your soul for because amidst this food apocalypse a bacon cheeseburger, four chicken nugget pieces, French fries, a chocolate cookie and a drink is the best you could feed those food zombies.

Fewer items, Simple Menus-Epic Deals

Albeit, the Burger King doesn’t always come with a lot of new deals like McDonald’s. Burger King goes with fewer yet mouth watering foods you don’t regret emptying your pockets on, in their menus. Simplified menus mean faster service, the more items you put on the list the harder it gets to make a choice. This also simplifies kitchen work. Also, why not make better quality food than increasing the quantity or variety? Surely, everyone loves variety but who needs the variety which doesn’t make your mouth water? Or variety not worth spending your money on?

McDonald’s is always coming up wonderful new items to try but remember McDonald’s, Big Mac? Was it big? Yes perhaps for an ant. Now, recall Burger King’s Whopper. Whopper is something you call big and yet how humble of Burger King because they didn’t call whopper “The Big Whopper”.

Healthy & Economicalfast-food-1

Everyone knows of how Wendy’s, McDonald’s and Burger King are forever rivals hence, the price wars and epic discounts. A benefit for the customers, these fast-food price wars make these brands economical and affordable.

Burger King has further lowered their prices in case you haven’t heard it yet it’s 5 for 4. Yes, 5 for 4 leaving far behind McDonald’s and Wendy’s. Anyhow, regardless of who is involved in these price wars the customers win either way with a very economical and tasty Burger King Burger down their tummies.

Also, Burger King has the healthiest cheeseburger that makes you want to nibble on to your fingers. Not only are they juicy ladies and gentlemen but they have less fat than both Wendy’s and McDonald’s. Fast Food Prices Compared here

Chicken Fries, More Veggies, Smoky Meat

Yes, you read it right chicken fries. Their chicken always tasted better and now, so do those chicken fries. They literally take you to a 5-minute heaven and there are glory and bliss in it. Also, you must have noticed or better yet tasted fewer veggies in McDonald’s Burgers but we all know how real burgers have tomato and lettuce slices too. Not only does it have lettuce and tomatoes and Onion rings but it also has the best meat and chicken that has a smoky tinge to it.


2 Jan

Walking from your workplace to the daycare at the end of block carrying a baby stroller isn’t exactly easy albeit, at walking distance, no one likes walking behind an empty baby stroller. Not only is it awkward pushing after an empty stroller but a burden as well. Obviously, you couldn’t  keep the stroller at your office and all this time you were working it was in your car. Anyway, you picked your child, now you’re looking for a good southern food outlet and while strolling through the busy jammed sideways you lose your baby stroller with the wailing baby in it and somehow, it is now in the middle of the road. A humongous bus is about to hit the baby stroller and by some miracle, your baby along with the stroller is saved.

However, this cannot happen again. You want to make sure you can Bring your kid everywhere . If only your stroller had stayed at its place while you searched the google maps for a good southern food outlet. Which is why you need a durable stroller your money can get.

What is a Babyhome Emotion Stroller? And why should you buy it?babyhome-_-emotion-google-chrome-2016-12-23-21-16-40

Emotion is popularly known for lightweight and compress-folding baby strollers. Not only are they easy to maneuver but this stroller is also attractive and comes in different colors such as purple, green, black, pink, and gray etc. Its aluminum frame guarantees its long life hence, worth your money. Because why buy something that could easily break?

Not only is it of top-notch quality it was designed to provide your child with comfort, perfect for walking to the super-store for grocery shopping or going out for evening walks. The best bit is that it can fold, which makes it easier for traveling purposes. The wheels are big enough to travel upon bumpy surfaces too. Ofttimes it happens that wheels break when they come in contact with the bump or rugged surface.

These strollers are made compatible with many car seats such as that of Cybex, Nuna, Maxi Cosi and Graco. This wonderful design also features a mosquito net to keep mosquitoes away from your baby, a canopy and also, a rain cover. It has a canopy window too, just in case you want to spy on your baby. All the more reasons to buy an Emotion Babyhome Stroller. A few other items you buy like car seat adapters, cup holder, travel bag, parasol etc. and you have yourself a haven so safe that your child will be out the harm’s way even in a zombie apocalypse.

Suppose, you bought the Babyhome Emotion Stroller and you are looking for a good southern food outlet on google maps and somebody accidentally hits the stroller but this time it doesn’t skid away. Because those wheels not only bear the weight but are made compatible with any surface, rough, rugged or slippery, the stroller stays!


7 Jan


The southern cuisine is influenced by Scottish, English, African, French and American Cuisines. This is why mostly, southern foods consist of corn, tomatoes, squash, barbecues and other borrowings from Seminole, Choctaw, Caddo (southeast American Indians).  The foods that are served as breakfast are always heavy. Here is a list of the most common southern foods:

Traditional Southern Meal

Foods such as pan-fried chicken, greens, field peas, mashed potatoes, sweet tea, corn pone, mashed potatoes, pie made from chess, sweet potato, pecan, peach are commonly served in the south. Alternatively, you will be served with a cobbler (Appalachia, blackberry, peach and apple)

Also, foods such as grits, beignets, country ham, succotash, buttermilk biscuits, chicken fried steak may also be served alongside jelly, butter, fruit, honey, sorghum molasses or gravy are also served. Other foods include boiled or baked sweet, fried catfish, fried green tomatoes, butter beans, black-eyed peas, okra (sautéed, stewed, steamed pickled or fried.

Fried chicken feature prominently on the southern foods and may be served alongside pasta. Green beans flavored with salt pork or stewed with pork and served with biscuits and vinegar could be eaten as breakfast.

Vegetable with a little meat, beans and greens are a traditional meal among the poor in the south.

Rice is eaten in South Carolina and it could be mixed with black-eyed peas that are salt pork flavored. You will also be served with sea foods. In Oklahoma, you will eat bean based dishes including cornbread, while in Mississippi your will be served with farm raised catfish.  In Texas, you will get barbecues and chili as well as a variety of Mexican food.

All these foods have one thing in common; they contain very few calories. However, if you eat these foods and find yourself carrying too much weight, you should not worry.  The Body-Solid GLGS100P4 Corner Leverage is one of the machines you may consider buying to help you deal with the problem of excess weight. This is considered as one of the Best for exercises equipment. Your can perform biceps curls, dead lifts, squats as well as shrugs more easily using the equipment. This is a revolutionary space-saving machine designed to fit in your home or a commercial setting. The gym is beautifully made looks good and has enhanced performances. There are a lot greater pieces of home equipment reviewed here.

The swing arm has a large radius and greatly stimulates a down and up motion. One can also raise the press armbar so that the machine can be used as a pull-up station.  The knee lock is adjustable thus making lateral pull-down is easier.

The machine comes with a flat /incline or decline bench that can easily be slide in and out and so allows the bench to be used independently from the gym system.bodycraft-x2-home-gym-training-system-2

Once the machine has been installed, you will save time and work out your muscles like you have never done before. It comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame, guide rods, and wields weight plates and 2-year warranty on pulleys. Bearing and hardware as well as the bushing. It also comes with one year warranty on grips, upholstery, and other components.




4 Jan

You need a good electric juicer to be able to squeeze juice from fruits or vegetables. This is the secret southern foods rely on to prepare a variety of juice recipes. Electrical juicers can whiz up juice recipes to give thicker juices.

When preparing juice, there are a number of critical issues that should be considered. First, the texture of the juice must be good especially if it is to be used to make smoothies. If you are juicing greens and herbs, blending the ingredients is important since it plays a role in mellowing the smoothies.

Southern foods are known for its innovativeness. It hires chefs that are passionate about what they produce and make use of top equipment including electrical juicers to prepare juice to be used to make dishes.

Buying a Juicer

Buying an easy to use juicers is important since it is extremely difficult to devour vegetables or a plate of fruits. A juicer machine is certainly one of the machines you can rely on to add vegetables and fruits to your diet. In fact, juicers make the fruits more appetizing compared to eating them raw.

Even though research shows that eating raw fruits is the best because of the accompanying fiber, not everyone has an opportunity to access and eat fresh produce. Juicing can help you include a little fresh produce into your diet. In addition, fresh juice tastes great and can easily be incorporated into our diet.

What to Look For When Buying an Electrical Juicer

Before you spend your hard-earned money on a juicer, it is important you check out whether it is a blender style juicer or centrifugal one. The blender- style and centrifugal blenders remove pulp but add oxygen and heat to the juice. This may subtract the nutritional benefits from the fruits. Check out the following.

The Capabilities

A juicer that makes good use of the produce you put in them is ideal. Look for a machine that has a powerful motor and which is capable of yielding more juice.  In fact, one of the reasons that make you consider buying juice is to make vegetables and fruits more palatable. The objective is to help you get the smoothest juice with the least amount of pulp. If the machine leaves less pulp, the better the juice you get from it.

Cleaning and Preparation

If it is not easy to clean a centrifugal and masticating juicers, chances are high that it will end up in the appliance graveyard. A juicer that requires little preparation and cleaning is certainly the best. Look at how many parts will you have to wash, how many cuts you must have so that the recipe can fit in the juicer. A machine that does not require you to cut the ingredients into many pieces is the best.


The design of the juicer matters a lot. There are juicers that make a lot of noise that will bother your neighbors. The amount of noise generated by the machine should, therefore, be a deciding factor before you actually buy one.